The SquizzleSkwaks are a merry little band
of extraterrestrials always by Olly's side. No
cosmic adventure is too small for these
fun-loving creatures who sustain their constant
desire for new discoveries by gobbling down
Planet Oogleberry crystals.


Who's Your Favorite SquizzleSkwak?

  • Dashuri
  • Gaman
  • Moyo
  • Paxion

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The Squizzleskwak Facts

  • The SquizzleSkwaks get their name from the sound they make when searching for Oogleberry crystals.
  • When you meet a SquizzleSkwak. Don't be shy. Say hello cause they're just as excited and scared as you.
  • If left unattended, the SquizzleSkwaks will seriously mess up your room.
  • Never give a SquizzleSkwak caffeine. They're already an overexcited bunch.

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Olly Sightings

What wazza that? Oh, just
another ufo fly-by from yours
truly, the curious and lovable
Olly Oogleberry.

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