Dashuri means love in Albanian and he’s full of it.
Dashuri loves everything about life. From the way
Oogleberry crystals glisten in the morning light
to the glow of a full moon as it shines down on
Earth at midnight, Dashuri loves every moment
and so should you.

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Dashuri selected his earthling name
from the country of Albania
because he ‘loves’ expressing
himself freely and sees himself as
a hero ready to save the day

whenever duty calls.

Factoids of Adventure & Discovery - Albania

  • Located in the heart of the Mediterranean, Albania is a mountainous country bordering Greece to the northwest and across the Adriatic Sea from Italy.
  • Albania’s national symbol is the eagle representing freedom and heroism in Albanian folklore.
  • Albanians are exceptionally generous and hospitable people. Are You?
  • Albania’s geographic position between two major ancient civilizations, the Greek and Roman Empires, gives it an extraordinary mix of civilizations and cultures.

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Try this traditional Albanian ritual
at home with your friends
and family (or maybe not).

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What wazza that? Oh, just another UFO
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