Zjarr is the Kometen’s unequivocal leader
because his fiery determination
always helps
he and his friends prevail
in the face of adversity.

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Zjarr’s given earthling name
originates from Albania

and reflects his
hot headed

Factoids of Adventure & Discovery - All About Comets

  • When sunlight reflects off of comets like Zjarr, it creates a coma (also known as a tail) with vibrant shades of orange and radiant reds.
  • Comet nuclei are essentially mountain-size dirty snowballs made of rock, dust, gravel and other tidbits of gook mixed together.
  • Every comet is slowly dissolving in space as evidenced by its long tail of evaporating water and materials.
  • Comets travel at speeds of around 20,000 MPH. Don't blink or you'll miss 'em.

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