Blis is the dreamy one.
When whizzing by trillions of stars,
Blis is the most likely
to get lost in space
and dream the day away.

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Blis took his name from the Danish people
who often enjoy a state of ‘Hygge’
or what most Earthlings would refer to
as frequent moments of
peace, relaxation and 'tranquility.'

Factoids of Adventure & Discovery - All About Comets

  • When sunlight reflects off of comets like Blis, it creates a coma (also known as a tail) with hues of bright pinks, radiant oranges and brilliant reds.
  • The name 'comet' comes from the Greek word meaning "long-haired" because of their tails.
  • As early as 240 B.C. the Chinese began to document the appearance of Halley’s Comet.
  • Like a planets, comets have elliptical orbits of their own around the Sun ranging from a few years to hundreds of thousands of years.

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