The FiddleFunks are a mischievous bunch of
semi-intelligent alien life forms from Planet
Oogleberry. Always tied at the hip with their
Martian buddies and full of frolicsomeness,
they are constantly fidgeting, goofing off or
spacing out.

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  • Tiyaga
  • Tipus
  • Kwaad
  • Usko
  • Guu

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The FiddleFunk Facts

  • The FiddleFunks like to stay up late tinkering with all kinds of new inventions in their laboratory.
  • The FiddleFunks are not shy. In fact, they'll come up and sit on your lap if given the chance.
  • The density of Saturn is so low that if you put it in a glass of water it would float. Make that a very large glass of water.
  • The FiddleFunks think the most interesting dance on Earth is the Maasai's jump around dance.

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