Usko is the most faithful FiddleFunk.
Having faith is an important characteristic for
adventurers because every FiddleFunk knows
not everything goes according to plan. Usko
knows that everything will be ok as long as
you never lose your faith.

Special Offers & E-Mail News

E-mails from aliens? Oh sure, like
your friends will believe you.

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Usko’s name comes from Finland
because he so admires the Finns
resilient, determined, yet polite,
and friendly nature.

Factoids of Adventure & Discovery - Finland

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Get Your Space On

Ready for adventure and discovery?
Then grab some Olly gear and get
ready for blast off.

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Bath Time

Every year, the Fins host
the World Sauna Championships,

  Grab A Towel

Race Ya?

I'll take the space ship
and you, well, you
take the reindeer.

  Giddy Up, Rudolph!

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What in the World was that?
Oh, just the curious and lovable
Olly Oogleberry that's all.

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