Olly longs to visit new worlds, traveling
across distant galaxies to discover
the wonders of the universe we share.

Will you be his guide?

Olly's Story

After traveling 11 million light years from Planet Oogleberry, Olly and his merry band of alien misfits finds the companionship of young earthlings who share with him all the wonders of your planet Earth.

In return, Olly Oogleberry teaches kids about space, aliens & UFOs and distant galaxies.

Together, they share lifelong memorable experiences.


Olly was born 30 years ago
by a daydreaming 12 year
old boy.

  Flashback to '81.

Our Mission

Intergalactic domination?
Absolutely, all in a day's work.

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Olly's Words of Alien Wisdom

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  • Olly Oogleberry. {Hint. Hint.}
  • Hello Kitty®
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All About Olly Oogleberry

  • Olly often finds himself staring out into space wondering what incredible adventures and opportunities his future holds. What does your future hold?
  • Olly is very courageous, but he doesn't quite know it yet. In time, he will learn and grow into his oversized sense of self-confidence. And one day maybe you will too.
  • Olly loves playing practical jokes on band of alien friends and laughing hysterically. Can you give a wet willy to an alien? Hmmm. Just saying.
  • Olly doesn't like to sit still simply because there are too many wonderful things in this infinitely large Universe of ours to Do/See/Be. So stretch your own pair of legs Earthlings. You've got great things to do!

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Olly Sightings

Just saw blinking lights in the
sky? That UFO was most
definitely the curious
and lovable Olly Oogleberry.

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