From Planet Oogleberry, a merry
band of alien misfits comes to earth
ready for adventure and discovery.

Will You Be Their Guide?

  Reporting For Duty!

Meet Olly Oogleberry

Olly Oogleberry longs to visit new worlds, traveling across distant galaxies to
discover the wonders of the universe we share.

There's an Olly in every one of us.


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Aliens? Space? UFOs? Flaming Asteroids? 

Suspense? Action? Drama? Happy Ending? 

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Meet The SquizzleSkwaks

The SquizzleSkwaks are a merry little band of extraterrestrials always by Olly's side.
No cosmic adventure is too small for these fun-loving creatures who sustain their constant desire for new discoveries by gobbling down Planet Oogleberry crystals.


Meet The FiddleFunks

The FiddleFunks are a mischievous bunch of semi-intelligent alien life forms from Planet Oogleberry. Always tied at the hip with their Martian buddies and full of frolicsomeness, they are constantly fidgeting, goofing off or spacing out.


Meet The Kometen

The Kometen act as Olly’s intergalactic reindeer taking he and his friends from one adventure to another. They represent the burning desire in each of us to see/do/be something great and can be seen flashing across the midnight sky to say hello.